10-in-1 Garden Wizard

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10-in-1 Garden Wizard

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Get the 10-in-1 Garden Wizard today and prune, trim, and dig your way out of any garden problem, all year round!

The 10-in-1 Garden Wizard looks like a pair of simple gardening shearsbut open it up and you'll uncover a whole toolbox of essential gardening gear, including:

  • Spring Activated Pruners: perfect for pruning small branches, grapevines, roses, woody weeds, and more with ease
  • Phillips-head screwdriver: when some assembly is required, you'll be ready to go
  • Saw blade: cut down those thick saplings, pronto!
  • Mini scissors: thin seedlings, cut twine, open seed packets, and 1,001 more uses
  • Mini rake: smooth out a seedling bed or tidy up around a houseplant
  • Sharp v-blade: make garden row markers in a snap, helps pull stubborn weeds, too!
  • Ruler and nail file: check planting-hole depth and spacing between plantsplus clean your nails on the spot
  • Mini trowel: perfect for digging seed holes or prying out small rocks
  • Pruning knife: trim, cut, open, and more with this sturdy knife
  • Carrying case: connect to your belt or belt loops to keep your multitool handy wherever you go