The Diabetes Rescue Diet

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The Diabetes Rescue Diet

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Eat to Beat Diabetes

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Reduce your medications, lower your blood sugar, and prevent deadly complications like heart disease ” all with delicious foods! The Diabetes Rescue Diet reveals the powerful combination of foods that can act like medicine in your body to battle disease.

Leading scientists now know that you don’t have to lose weight or eliminate foods to control diabetes. Simply filling your plate with nutrition-packed foods can help fight disease! A study of nearly 14,000 people found that people who ate according to the principles in the Diabetes Rescue Diet had as much as an 83 percent lower risk of diabetes than people who ate otherwise! So bread, pasta, even wine can be on the table!

Another study showed that eating the foods included in the Diabetes Rescue Diet cut diabetes risk by more than half ” even though the subjects didn’t lose a significant amount of weight.

Beans: Eating 3 to 4 ounces a day reduced early death by about 25 percent, one study found.

Whole grains: A study of women with diabetes linked whole grain consumption to reduced overall death rates and deaths from cardiovascular disease.

Dairy: Women who ate the most dairy were 21 percent less likely to develop diabetes than those who ate little dairy, reported the journal Diabetes Care.

In the Diabetes Rescue Diet, you’ll learn how to add these ” plus more delicious, disease-fighting foods ” to your diet. You don’t have to change much! Nearly every meal you enjoy now can be easily modified to follow the Diabetes Rescue Diet principles.

Plus, the Diabetes Rescue Diet includes more than 80 mouthwatering recipes to get you started. You’ll never feel hungry or deprived again!