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First for Women Smart Solutions

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1,806 Household Hints, Secrets, and Tips You'll Use Every Day

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Happy is within reach! First for Women Smart Solutions brings you the best hints, secrets, and shortcuts to save a small fortune, cook amazing meals, throw perfect parties, decorate like a pro, and look your best on any occasion. And you'll find fantastic ideas to make life more fun, too! First for Women magazine has featured inspiring tips and creative information for more than 25 years, and each issue brings new shortcuts, ideas, and terrific advice so you can live well, feel great, look breautiful, and love every day of your life. Now, they've collected their favorite tips from the past few years and compiled them into this jam-packed, helpful guide to beautifying your home, balancing family and work, preparing great meals, and being smart about money.

Curious about some of the tips? Look no further!

Want to save money?

  • Save $659! Secret source for designer dresses and suits at INSANE savings. Page 191
  • Save $22! FREE movie tickets from your cable company? Yes! Page 204
  • Save $50 or more! Get airlines to lower your ticket price AFTER you bought the ticket! Page 213
  • Save over $450 a year on heating without lowering your home’s heat. Page 161
  • Dishwasher trick saves a whopping 6,500 gallons of water and $75 a year … and leaves dishes sparkling! Page 160

Want to be a master of the kitchen?

  • Defrost ROCK-HARD steaks in 15 minutes flat! Page 76
  • Seed a butternut squash in seconds with much less mess! Page 88
  • Fix freezer burn fast and forever. Page 90
  • Make your lemons last THREE times longer!
  • Buy a bunch on sale and keep them garden fresh for months! Page 7
  • Get EXTRA counter space instantly! And it’s FREE. Page 17

Want to rock a house party?

  • Go exotic with custom-made drink umbrellas! Page 127
  • Create centerpieces and garnish place settings that will delight! Page 135
  • Kick your BBQ off in style with charcoal secrets and decorative displays! Page 141
  • Be the house all the kids (or adults) beg to visit on Halloween! Page 147
  • Throw a holiday party your guests will talk about ALL YEAR ROUND! Page 150

Get all 1,806 household hints, secrets, and tips that you'll use everyday! This offer is not available in any other store and is exclusively found right here!